Our high-performing solutions are for your comfort, for your business and for your customers

  • Residential Solutions
  • Commercial Solutions
  • Industrial Solutions
  • Municipal Solutions
  • Agriculture Solutions


Residental Solutions

Our solutions are for your comfort, family’s health, enjoyment and protection.

  • Whole home solutions
  • Crystal clear water for your active lifestyle
  • Swimming pool
  • Water Supply & Disposal
  • Filtration

Commercial Solutions

Water management solutions for your business and for your customers, our high-performing solutions lowering your maintenance needs and increasing your bottom line.

  • Commercial Pool & Spa
  • Fountains
  • Laundries & Warewashing
  • Fire brigade

Industrial Solutions

We find for your manufacturing operation with tailored solutions for better water efficiency, fluid-management and wastewater solutions.

  • Paper-making Industry
  • Brewery Production
  • Food-processing Industry
  • Textile & Printing
  • Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Industrial Wastewater

Municipal Solutions

Our solutions are for converting surface, underground and wastewater into clean, potable water.

  • Municipal water supply
  • Municipal Wastewater

Agriculture Solutions

Our aquaculture systems provide solutions for filtration, circulation, treatment and operation, enabling fresh produce to be sustainably farmed also in indoor urban centers.